Ikego West Valley Recreation Area

Ikego Community Activities

Campground Office: 246-8010 | 046-806-8010
Thursday-Tuesday • 1000-1800
Outdoor Recreation Center: 243-5732 | 046-816-5732
Gear Rental: Thursday-Tuesday 1000-1800 | Holidays 1000-1400

Friday Campground Drop Off
Camping in Ikego is a great way to spend the weekend, yet getting there on a Friday night can be more hassle than fun. If you rent a cabin for Friday night, the Outdoor Recreation Center will provide transportation to the campgrounds! Return transportation is not provided, however Jinmuji train station on the Keikyu Line is only a short walk from the paintball field.

WALK-IN RESERVATIONS: Yokosuka Outdoor Recreation Center • Thursday-Tuesday • 1000-1800
The Ikego West Valley Recreation Area is the place to spend a fun-filled weekend with family and friends! Walk-in reservations are available at the Outdoor Recreation Center during the times listed above. Each site holds a maximum of twenty people. There are 5 rustic cabins available for rent. Three cabins offer solar powered lighting, heat and air conditioning. None of the cabins have electricity or running water. All cabins and campsites have a designated BBQ grill. Cabin rentals start at $40 per day. Payment is required to make a reservation.
• 2 hours: $50
• 4 hours: $90
• 8 hours: $170
Additionally, personnel are required to facilitate the wall at $20 per person per hour. A course is offered each spring or can be arranged on demand through the campground staff. If you are interested in being trained for the climbing wall, please contact 241-3709.
For more information, please call 243-5732 or send us an email.

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