IKEGO PAINTBALL PARADISE Whether you need to blow off some steam, are looking for a fun place to hold a birthday party , or just want to try something new, Ikego Paintball Paradise is a great place to go. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will ensure you a safe and fun-filled day. The natural lay of the land offers a fun woodsball experience. We also have a small speedball field for those looking for a fast paced game. Also be on the lookout for upcoming tournaments, big games, and scenario games. The field is open to anybody 10 years and older. Parents need to be present for children 12 and under. Children 13 to 17 will need their parents to attend the mandatory safety brief before they stay and play.
Weekend Open Play
Whether you prefer the mission-based teamwork of Saturday’s Woodsball games or the fast-paced action of Sunday’s speedball games, Ikego’s Paintball Paradise is the place to be! Don’t have your own equipment? On weekends, rent a marker and mask for $20 including unlimited air and field fees. For players with their own gear, the cost is only $10 for field fees and unlimited air. Paint sold separately.
Weekday Group Reservations
Special rental package for reservations available. The reservation package includes: marker, mask, air and 200 paintballs. Reservations available Monday through Friday, from 0900-1400. Reservations require a minimum of 10 players and 7 days advanced notice. For more information, please send us an email. Or you may call the Campground Office at 246-8010 or 046-806-8010 | Outdoor Recreation Center at 243-5732 or 046-816-5732. A minimum of ten players and five days advanced notice is required.
Case of 2,000 paintballs: $65
Bag of 500 paintballs: $20
2-hours: $20 per player
4-hours: $36 per player

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