MWR Massage Services – Enhance Beauty, Comfort, Relaxation & Therapy

Massage Services
MWR’s massage services are offered for enhancing beauty, comfort, relaxation and therapy. Appointments are required and can be made by stopping by the front desk in the Purdy Fitness Center. Note: Massage services cannot be conducted if: You are pregnant (excludes Pregnancy Massage), in menstruation, and/or have consumed food within 30 minutes of your appointment.
Massages A
120″ 90″ 60″ 30″
Back & Shoulder / / $50 $30
Leg & Foot / / $55 /
Pregnancy / / $70 /
Swedish $110 $85 $60 /
Back and Shoulder: Relieves strain and soothes the back and shoulder muscles.
Leg and Foot: Eases tension while warming and stretching the muscles of the lower body (includes buttocks).
Swedish: Releases physical tension in the muscles and aids in overall relaxation.
Massages B
90″ 60″ 30″
Reflexology / $45 $25
Sports Deep Tissue $115 $90 $60
Swedish $85 $60 $40

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