MWR Massage Services – Enhance Beauty, Comfort, Relaxation & Therapy

Massage Services
MWR’s massage services are offered for enhancing beauty, comfort, relaxation and therapy. Appointments are required and can be made by stopping by the front desk in the Purdy Fitness Center. Note: Massage services cannot be conducted if: You are pregnant (excludes Pregnancy Massage), in menstruation, and/or have consumed food within 30 minutes of your appointment.
Massages by Chris
90″ 60″ 30″
Reflexology / $45 $25
Sports Deep Tissue $115 $90 $60
Swedish $85 $60 $40
Massages by Alexis
90″ 60″
Swedish Massage $80 $50
Therapeutic Blend Massage $120 $80
Pregnancy Massage $90 $60
Swedish Massage: Involves long, fluid strokes of muscle and tissue with pressure that varies from light to medium. Promotes circulation and lymph movement, good for stress related conditions and chronic pain.
Therapeutic Massage: A mix of trigger point therapy, deep tissue and passive range of motion stretching. Releases muscle tension, reduces joint stiffness, aid blood circulation, promote ligament and capsule remodeling.
Pregnancy Massage: A healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness. Relives headaches, alleviates backaches, enhances sleep and reduces fatigue.
Induce labor reflexology pressure points: Additional $30. 3rd trimester only with a note of doctors consent 37th week or passing of the due date.
Massages by Agnes
120″ 90″ 60″ 30″
Back & Shoulder / / $50 $30
Leg & Foot / / $55 /
Pregnancy / / $70 /
Swedish $110 $85 $60 /
Back and Shoulder: Relieves strain and soothes the back and shoulder muscles.
Leg and Foot: Eases tension while warming and stretching the muscles of the lower body (includes buttocks).
Swedish: Releases physical tension in the muscles and aids in overall relaxation.
Massages by Mayumi
150″ 120″ 90″ 60″ 30″
Aromatherapy / / $100 $70 /
Aromatherapy: Weight Loss / / / $80 /
Back & Shoulder / / / $50 /
Bali Facial / / / $50 /
Barefoot Deep Tissue / / $75 $50 /
Chi Nei Tsang / / $100 / /
Herbal Ball / / $80 / /
Hot Stone / $130 $100 / /
Thai Foot / / / $45 /
Thai Oil Deep Tissue / / $110 $80 /
Thai: Traditional $125 $100 $75 $50 $30
Tok Sen / / $70 $50 /
Barefoot Deep Tissue: This is a massage where the masseuse uses a pole for balance while using the heel of the foot to hit deep between the nerves and muscles. This is a good massage if you like a very deep push.
Aromatherapy: Full body massage using aromatherapy oil.
Back & Shoulder: Combines aromatherapy and traditional Thai massage.
Bali Facial: Massage for the face, throat and shoulders, combined with aroma oil and hot towels.
Chi Nei Tsang: Detoxifies (improving circulatory system) and helps restructure and strengthen the body by stimulating internal organs that relate to postural problems and a poor digestive system.
Herbal Ball: Combines traditional Thai massage and herbal ball massage. Herbal ball, compressed herbs and medical ingredients, is known to help ease muscles.
Hot Stone: A full body, Traditional Thai massage combined with hot stones and oils.
Thai Foot: A massage, using a wooden massage stick dipped in oil, for all parts of the foot and also benefitting the lower leg ares.
Thai Oil Deep Tissue: Thai oil massage for healing and relaxation. Does not include stretching positions as in Traditional Thai.
Tok Sen: Uses a special wooden hammer and wedge to clear blocked energy.
Traditional Thai: Includes point pressure and yoga stretching to help increase joint and muscle flexibility.
Weight Loss Aromatherapy: Massage that indirectly helps weight loss.

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