MWR HotSpots: Free Wi-Fi

Did you know MWR offers FREE high-speed wireless internet at the following locations?

Club Alliance Sports Bar • CPO Club Bar • Officers’ Club Kurofune Lounge

Spectrum Liberty Center • Fleet Recreation Center, 3rd floor

Library • Bowling Center • Kosano Park • Green Bay Marina • ITT/Starbucks outdoor area

Green Beach Pool Deck • Ikego Pool Deck • Ikego Club Takemiya


1) Turn the power on for your portable device. Your device will** automatically detect the Wi-Fi HotSpot/s in the area and prompt you to choose one. Choose “MWR-Hotspot-______.” If the desired Wi-Fi Hotspot is not visible in the window (Sample below), your device may be out of range and require moving closer to the facility. **Depending on your portable device, selecting a network manually and/or searching for Wi-Fi HotSpots may be necessary. Selected HotSpots require a password and some may require a key and/or user name plus a password, while others will not require this information. See text below for more information.

Key, User Name & Password:
Key: navy.mwr .
Note: This prompt will only show up the first time that you log on to that particular Wi-Fi and will not require you to input thereafter.

User Name: mwr .

Password: YokosukaMWR .
Note: Once this information is inputted into your portable device; logging on to that same Wi-Fi thereafter will only require you to input the password.

2) Open your browser; the disclaimer window will appear. After reading and agreeing to the terms and conditions, you are free to surf the internet.

Note: Your portable device may detect other Wi-Fi networks. Please DO NOT use any network other than the MWR Hotspot without permission from the owner of that network. Using a personal Wi-Fi network without the owners consent is against the law and may result in legal punishment. MWR is not responsible for any abuse or damage to personal Wi-Fi networks, signals or devices connected within.

If you have difficulty logging in to the MWR Hotspot, please contact an MWR staff member at the respective facility for inquiries. For Kosano Park, please contact a staff member at the Bowling Center.

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