Officers’ Club

Live At Kurofune Lounge
The Bill Scholer Band and DJ Meg. Call us more information.

Kosano Dining Room Lunch Specials
Monday-Friday • 1100-1330 | Only $10.95 per person
Mix-Up – Mondays
Asian / Pacific – Tuesdays
Americana – Wednesdays
Chef du jour – Thursdays
Filipino – Fridays
Dinner Specials & Sunday Brunch
Mongolian BBQ: Tuesday • 1700-2100 • Kosano Dining Room
Make your own Mongolian bowl for only 75¢ per ounce. Guess the correct price within 5¢, and eat for free!
Our Prime Deal: Friday • 1700-2100 • Kosano Dining Room
Delighted and excited by succulent beef? Our juicy herb crusted Prime Rib Dinner Set comes complete with soup, salad, sides, and dessert. $24.00 (adults) $12.00 (up to age 11)
Sunday Brunch: Sunday • 0900-1330 • Kosano Dining Room
We offer made-to-order omelets, pancakes, waffles, and all your traditional breakfast favorites. If you prefer, you can select from our bountiful salads and expertly prepared entrees, including a carving station. We even have a kid’s station with kid friendly foods. $19.95 (adults), $11.95 (children 8-11), $8.95 (children 4-7) and FREE for 3 years and under.
The Deli
Monday-Friday • 0700-1800 / Saturday & Sunday • 0900-1800
Now serving Cappuccinos, Lattes and specialty coffee! Enjoy great selection of breakfast and lunch take out items including our signature fried chicken.
Catering Department
Catering Services Monday to Friday from 0800-1800 – All Authorized Personnel & Families
Our facilities range from formal ballroom and banquet halls to garden parties and outdoor cookouts. Accommodations for small parties or groups of up to 300 with extensive menu selections to match your taste and budget. For more information on services offered, please call 243-7318 or 243-5788.
There is no reason why anyone should drink and drive on CFAY or anywhere else at anytime! MWR has a great “Designated Driver” program available at all dining facilities and the bowling center. Be a designated driver and receive FREE non-alcoholic beverages (soda or juice). Let’s keep everyone, including yourself, safe! Please contact a staff member at any of our dining facilities or bowling center to find out how you can be a designated driver.
Club Alliance 243-3000 or 046-816-3000
CPO Club 243-5506 or 046-816-5506
Officers’ Club 243-5030 or 046-816-5030
Yokosuka Bowling Center 243-4200 or 243-5158 / 046-816-4200 or 046-816-5158
Club Takemiya 246-8077 or 046-806-8077

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