Single Sailor Liberty Program

Single Sailor Liberty Program: National Biscuit Month Celebration
Friday, September 19 • 1800
Do you enjoy biscuits? Well September is National Biscuit Month and We will be serving up a variety biscuit combinations. FREE while supplies last.

Single Sailor Liberty Program: Tokyo Game Show Tour
Saturday, September 20 • 0800 • Makuhari Messe Convention Center, Chiba prefecture
The Tokyo Game Show is one of the biggest video/computer game expos in the world. More than 140 domestic and foreign game companies will be there to introduce the latest games and you will have the opportunity to experience them. The last day to sign-up is Wednesday, September 17. The cost of the tour for E1-E4 is $12 and $32 for E5 and above which includes the ticket to the show and transportation.

Single Sailor Liberty Program: 9 Ball Tournament
Sunday, September 21 • 1800
Win to walk away with a prize!

Single Sailor Liberty Program: September Birthday Celebration
Monday, September 22 • 1800
Do you celebrate your big day during the month of September? Fill out an entry form for our monthly Birthday Drawing. If your name is drawn you win an amazing prize! After the drawing, we will cut the monthly birthday cake for all to enjoy!

Single Sailor Liberty Program: National Checkers Day Giant Checkers Tournament
Tuesday, September 23 • 1800
National Checkers Day doesn’t have anything to do with the popular board game; rather, it commemorates the famous ‘Checkers’ speech made by Richard M. Nixon in 1952. However, the Liberty Center is pulling out the giant checkers board anyways. Will you be put in “check” or will you be the “king.” Winner walks away with a prize!

Single Sailor Liberty Program: Big Glove Boxing
Thursday, September 25 • 1700
Use this opportunity to get in the ring and show everyone who the boss is. If you win, you walk away with the title “Liberty Heavyweight Champion” and an awesome prize.

Single Sailor Liberty Program: Oktoberfest with CSADD Program
Friday, September 26 • 1630
You don’t have to be German to participate in Oktoberfest at the liberty center. We will be celebrating the century old funfair with traditional foods including pretzels, bratwurst, sauerkraut, and German Chocolate cake. Make sure to check out our contests for a chance to win awesome prizes.

Single Sailor Liberty Program: Power Boating Tubing Tour
Saturday, September 27 • 1100-1300 and 1300-1500
Register now at the Liberty Center
Come relax and let off some steam on the open water with our power boating tour. Meet at the Liberty Center at 1100 for a van ride over to the marina or just meet us there on your own!

Single Sailor Liberty Program: Fishing
Sunday, September 28 • 1200-1600
Register now at the Liberty Center
Cast a line off the pier, sit back, relax, and enjoy fishing with your friends with the Liberty Center’s free fishing event. Meet at the James D. Kelly Fleet Recreation at 1200.

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