Friday, April 25

Sports Day
Friday, April 25 • Yokosuka CDC Annex
Invited instructor from Youth Sports to demonstrate and teach children how to play soccer.

Family Field Day
Friday, April 25 • 1500 • Ikego CDC
Teachers will prepare playground activities and have an outdoor picnic. Parents are invited to attend this event.

**Final Showing | Note: Movie schedule is subject to change.
Benny Decker Theater
1730 Rio 2 G
2030 Transcendence PG13
Fleet Theater
1800 Draft Day PG13
2100 Transcendence PG13
2400 Sabotage R – Free Admission, Popcorn and Soda to E1-E4 only.
Negishi Theater
1900 Sabotage R
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Thursday, April 24

Single Sailor Liberty Program: Throwback Thursday
Thursday, April 24 • All Day
Join us at the Center where we break out the popcorn and show the oldies.

CPO Club’s Lunch Buffet: 1100-1330 • CPO Club Dining Room • Open to All Hands
New Orleans Lunch Buffet: 1100-1330 • Officers’ Club
Open to authorized patrons and their guests, GS7 equivalent and above.
Tex Mex Night: 1700-2100 • Club Takemiya
FREE Karaoke Night: 1700-0100 • Club Takemiya
Latin Night: 1900-2400 • Sharky’s Bar in Club Alliance
**Final Showing | Note: Movie schedule is subject to change.
Benny Decker Theater
1730 Draft Day PG13
2030 The Single Moms Club PG13
Fleet Theater
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Yokosuka Blue Jacket Liberty Program

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Circle of 6 – A Free App That Prevents Violence Before It Happens

Circle of 6
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PAYS Training is Now Online!

PAYS Training
PAYS TRAINING: Required for all households before registering for any Youth Sports Program
STEP 1: Getting Started | Contact Information
• Visit
• Click “Option 1″ under Sign Up
• Next, click the “Get Started” button
• Complete the online form
- Include each child in your household (only use their first name if the last name is the same as yours)
- For AP addresses, select “Overseas-AP” when inputting State
STEP 2: Program Affiliation
• Answer both program affiliation questions by checking the “Yes” box
• Select “Yokosuka Fleet Activities” under the Navy Installation drop box
STEP 3: Payment Information | Confirmation Page
• Double check that the Membership Fee reads $0.00 (price is $0.00 by default)
• Click “Confirm” box
• Make sure your information is correct then click “Process”
STEP 4: User Login Information | Complete the PAYS Course
• Once registered, take the PAYS video-based training course
• After completing the course, parents read and acknowledge the “Parents Code of Ethics Pledge”
- You are not required to print out your completion certificate at the end of the course
You have now completed the training!
Youth Sports will approve your membership allowing you to access all areas of the PAYS Online Member Area
Membership is valid for (1) one year and is good for ALL Naval Installations world wide.
For more information, please call any Youth Sports Office. Yokosuka 241-2952 | 046-896-2952 or Ikego/Negishi 246-8017 | 046-806-8017.
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Designated Driver Program: Be Smart. Don’t Drink & Drive!

There is no reason why anyone should drink and drive anywhere at anytime! To help keep everyone safe, MWR offers a great “Designated Driver” program at all dining facilities and the bowling center. Be a designated driver and receive FREE non-alcoholic beverages (soda or juice). Please contact a staff member at any of our dining facilities or bowling center to find out how you can be a designated driver.
Club Alliance 243-3000 or 046-816-3000
CPO Club 243-5506 or 046-816-5506
Officers’ Club 243-5030 or 046-816-5030
Yokosuka Bowling Center 243-4200 or 243-5158 / 046-816-4200 or 046-816-5158
Club Takemiya 246-8077 or 046-806-8077
Negishi All Hands’ Club 242-4151 or 045-281-4151
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